Bathroom Remodel Curbless Shower Considerations

Posted on: November 29th, 2022

If you’re thinking about remodeling or renovating your bathroom, you may also be considering transforming your shower area into a designated wet space free of barriers including a curbless shower entry. Many homeowners are opting for curbless showers as they offer both functionality and beauty.


What is a curbless shower?

A curbless shower is free of any barrier or obstacle at the opening. There’s no curb or ledges and it allows you to easily enter the shower either by walking into it or rolling into it. The shower area can be totally open and integrated with the rest of the bath (wet area) or it can be designed with glass panels and doors to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom yet still provide an open and more modern feel.


What are the benefits of a curbless shower?

There are several benefits of a curbless shower besides giving your bathroom remodel or renovation a more updated look:


  • Easy entrance and exit: Removing the barrier / ledge in the shower entry allows easy accessibility immediately and in the future for those aging-in-place.
  • Seamless look: Without the curb your bathroom floor plan will seamlessly flow from wall-to-wall establishing the perception of additional space. Plus, since the shower is either open or surrounded by glass, your tile design will be fully visible.
  • Lower maintenance: Removing the ledge into the bathroom also removes crevices that can build up with grime, mildew, and bacteria. No barrier makes spraying down the bathroom and shower a super easy task.
  • No curtain: By removing the curb and creating a wet area, there’s no need for a shower curtain that collects mold and mildew.


What to consider before installing a curbless shower?

While designing a curbless shower for your bathroom is not complicated, the construction of the shower is ed and should only be completed by a professional and competent crew. If the shower is not installed correctly, water can get everywhere.


  • Drainage: First and foremost, the shower must be properly designed so that it drains correctly. Make sure your construction company has experience installing curbless showers. A properly installed curb-less shower will have a floor slope of about 1½ to 2” which will prevent the water from spilling out across the bathroom or spooling in a particular area of the bathroom.
  • Drain selection: Picking the right drain for your show is a personal and functional choice. You should first decide on where you’d like the drain. For example, you can center the drain in the middle of the shower, or you can place a linear drain along the shower entrance or wall. No matter where you decide to place the drain, the floor needs to be pitched to allow for proper drainage. Center drains require a four-way pitch sloping towards the center of the shower while linear drains require the floor to only be pitched in a single direction toward the actual drain.
  • Showerhead placement: Placement of the shower fixtures is a critical for keeping water from escaping the space. You’ll need to work with your construction team to make sure the showerhead and hand shower is placed in the optimal area so that water will travel to the drain. A standard rule of thumb is the closer the fixture to the drain, the more efficient the water will clear.
  • Open or closed Shower: Another critical decision is whether to have an open or closed shower. If your shower will remain open, you need to make sure your newly renovated or remodeled bathroom is properly waterproofed, and the floor has is sloped toward the drain. Of you can close off your shower glass panels as the partition with either a wide opening at the end of the shower or doors


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