1. Schedule a Remodel or Renovation Consultation

Your project consultant will meet with you in the space you want to renovate/ remodel and discuss your goals and gain an understanding of your vision, desires, timeline, and budget.

2. Estimate the Remodel or Renovation Cost

Your project consultant will provide a detailed estimate for all aspects of the project within 7–10 days (depending on size and scope) for your approval.

3. Agree on a Remodel or Renovation Contract

You will receive a fixed-price contract based on final plans and specifications. The contract will detail all items included within budget and also items that are required but are not part of the contract. Any changes to the scope of work, from the original contract, will be agreed upon in writing, in the form of a Change Order and signed by both parties.

4. Initiating a Remodeling or Renovation Project

After the contract is signed the Director of Project Management (DoPM) will contact you to initiate the start of the project and will work with you during all aspects of your renovation / remodel. The DoPM will provide you with our list of vendors that you can use for products and related installment services (appliances, cabinets, tile, fixtures and more). RBR has vetted the vendors and, in many cases, negotiated price discounts for our clients.

5. Remodeling or Renovation Construction

Construction will begin as scheduled and with an assigned team. With RBR, you can count on a single team focused only on your project. Your on-site team will consist of a professional construction crew and your project consultant who will visit the site daily. Your construction crew will install plastic barriers on door openings and cover flooring and/or carpet (if required). Your crew will also organize and clean the worksite at the end of each work day.

6. What Happens When Remodeling or Renovation Work is Done

At the end of your project, your project consultant will go through the punch list and confirm everything has been completed per agreement, to your satisfaction and RBR will coordinate final inspection if permits are required. And even after the project is completed, RBR Home Remodeling stands by our work. If anything should go wrong we’ll work with you to make it right.

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