How to Choose the Right Contractor

Posted on: November 6th, 2016

How to Choose the Right Contractor for your Renovation Project–

We’ve all heard the horror stories about an under-qualified contractor botching a renovation. A homeowner trusted the contractor enough to hire him initially, but the job was not completed as expected or promised. So how can you avoid this? How can you be certain that the contractor you choose is right for the job? We’ve compiled some tips to help you make a smart and informed renovation decision.

The most important thing is doing your research. In order to choose the right contractor, you need to be informed. We suggest interviewing a contractor first, and asking him or her for references. People who have hired this person and his or her company can have great insight into what it’s like to work with him or her on such an important project. We also recommend reading company reviews online. Sites such as Angie’s List and Home Adviser confirm that each review is written by a legitimate customer, making them a relatively trustworthy resource.

You should also consider asking family members, friends, or neighbors for a recommendation. If someone you know has completed a renovation and refers the contractor he or she used, it is likely a good sign.

If you’re interested in hearing more advice, Angie’s List creator Angie Hicks sat down with Teresa Mears of U.S. News and shared her tips for how to choose the right contractor. With years of experience, Hicks has many great insights to share. The list is full of tips to help you find the best contractor for the job can be found here.

Ultimately, the more informed you are about the contractor and the remodeling business itself, the easier it will be to make the right choice. When you do your research initially, you’re much more likely to have a smooth and successful renovation.


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